Spiritual education

We offer a variety of children's Sunday School and adult studies throughout the year.  Class schedules vary with the group and instructors, but are posted and announced as each class is formed.  If there is a desire for a particular subject or Bible study, anyone may suggest same to the pastor or instructor.


Sunday School

Our children study the Bible and discuss life questions under the guidance of knowledgeable and capable Christian leaders.  We teach them the truths, moral lessons, and ethical values taught by our Lord, Jesus Christ, and focus on the integrity and inerrancy of God's Word.  Separate classes are held for toddlers from 2-4; children up thru 5th grade.


Wednesday night Bible study

Beginning Oct 9, we will be studying the Book of Revelation!  This book has been a mystery to many, and we will use several resources to help clarify its meaning and message to us today.  All are welcome!  We already have participants from different denominations and backgrounds.

Disaster Relief Care Giving

Many people suffered unbelievable loss, damages, and even hopelessness as a result of hurricane Dorian and other disasters.  We support them through donations of cash, gift cards, and tools for cleanup at our NALC Disaster Response warehouse in Rosenberg, TX.  We also donate to Water Missions, a clean water engineering firm that is bringing in equipment to the Bahamas and other places to drill wells, filter water, and desalinate sea water as needed.  They are all about providing safe drinking water from natural resources.  The funds donated to the latter are being matched, so any gifts are doubled.

Future Study Ideas:


Christian Caregiving

Experiencing God

Foundations of the Lutheran Faith

Evidence that Heaven is Really There


Submit your ideas, preferences, and priorities to the pastor!

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