Our Lay Leadership is What Makes the Church Work!

Our 2018 leadership consists of our elected council plus a number of other unelected functions that are performed by a variety of our members.

The Council

The 2020 council consists of:

    Chairman    -                      Jim Studhalter

    Financial Secretary    -      Kathy Lehmann

    Treasurer   -                       Marian Allen

    Worship   -                         Edna Schroeder

    Education   -                      Susan Busby

    Property   -                         Paul Buro

    Secretary   -                        Brian Scheffer

Pr. Brower serves in an advisory capacity to the council.

Other key functions:

Prayer Team:      Tillie  Harrison

Miracle Farm Liaison:  Sheryl Schmid

Women of the Church: 

    this organization includes a host of functions around the church, led by a long list of volunteers published in their

    annual yearbook

Bulletins:    Susie Holder

Newsletters: Linda Brower

Organists:    Ann Sommer

Sunday School teachers:   Frances Dana, Donna Adcock, Debbie Winslow, Linda Brower, Jennifer Smith, Pr. Brower

Cemetery committee:   Jim Studhalter (temporary)

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