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Worship Service Safety Policy - COVID 19

St. Matthew Lutheran Church of Sandy Hill is please to announced we have resumed on-site worship services.  In order to make our worship services as safe as possible, we have developed a worship service policy and recommendations to help keep our congregation as safe as possible. We ask that all adhere to this new policy and follow the recommendations.

  • Anyone with a cough, fever, or other existing condition that may put them or others at risk should stay home.  (If you are in this category, call Pr. Brower to discuss options)

  • Those who attend are encouraged to wear a mask when conversing with or in proximity of others;  masks are not mandatory, but are a good mitigating tool to minimize spread

  • There will not be any greetings, handshakes, hugs or other person-to-person contact

  • Seating will be scattered side-to-side throughout the pews so that people are not directly in front of or behind anyone else; people cannot all gather in the back

  • Ushers will maintain social distancing between themselves and between others, and will guide the seating arrangements

  • You can pick up your own bulletin from the basket as you enter; try not to touch others

  • The offering plates will be on tables near the entrance; you can leave you offering there

  • You will not be asked to sign pew pads; someone will register your attendance for you

  • Holy Communion will be continuous with social distancing between family units;  the pastor and assistant will be masked and wear gloves

  • Passing of the peace will be verbal only as you stand by your seats; the pastor will not move through the congregation

  • We encourage parents bringing children to sit in the front few pews so the pastor can address the kids for the children’s message; they will not go forward and sit together; and should not sit together or have contact with their friends in the pews

  • If there are too many people to fit in the sanctuary, the hall, overflow room and parish hall can be used to hear the service; please maintain social distancing wherever you are

  • There will not be any gathering in the fellowship hall before/after the service; no treats

  • Sunday School will be outdoors, if possible, and teachers will attempt to keep the kids separated;  there will not be any playing ball or other activities that require the sharing common items or touching one another; this is a teaching moment

  Here is a short video of Dr. William Robert Loesch, MD in Brenham speaking to the currently known facts about the virus, tests and the cautions we are encouraged to follow.  We encourage and suggest that you watch the video below.

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